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Product & Services

UNIE ELEVATORS elevators, escalators and services are engineered to provide urban mobility that’s efficient and sustainable.

1. MRL Machine
2. Door Drive Mechanism
3. Controls
4. Hydraulic Lifts


Vertical mobility solutions use urban space efficiently and make movement in buildings possible. From big to small, heavy to light, from low-rise to high-rise - Unie elevators offers pre-engineered or fully-customized elevators


If you need to move lots of people up or down, escalators are the ideal solution. In shopping malls and at airports, Unie escalators manage masses of people safely and quickly. Indoor or outdoor, commercial or public spaces.

Stack Parking

Carparking Systems specializes in customized solutions for every conceivable parking requirement. From simple yet efficient Stack Parkers to fully automated Automatic Parking Systems and ensure professional installation of the products.